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        Our goal is to provide a cost-effective tax preparation services specializing in solving tax problems.  What distinguishes us from other services and practitioners, is our philosophy of "preventive taxation".  This simply means that a tax return should not be viewed as a single isolated occurrence.  Instead, it should be an integral part of a business or individuals financial picture.  How well you keep your books and manage your taxes today, will determine the profitability of your business in years to come.  Although you may not be thinking about it now, incorrect returns, non-filing or simple bookkeeping errors open the door for the IRS to you or your company.  We want to keep the taxman from knocking on your door.  Our friendly, knowledgeable professionals are ready year-round to serve you with expert advice and assistance with tax preparation and financial guidance.  Our tax specialists are well informed on all the continuing changes in tax laws, and are able to file in all 50 states.  Save time and money by letting us help simplify the filing of your tax return in both planning and documentation.


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